General Website Security uses a variety of techniques to keep your website and online banking experience secure. The website is protected with strong encryption controls validated with a digital certificate issued by DigiCert. Our systems and servers are constantly monitored, regularly updated, and protected with layers of controls to keep your information private. 

Online Banking Security

Our Online Banking servers employ technology called the Digital ID to address the issue of identification. The Digital ID, developed by VeriSign, provides a standard of authentication against which claims of identity can be made and guaranteed. VeriSign, in its white paper, writes that “Digital ID’s are electronic credentials that establish an individual’s or entity’s identity. A server secured with a Digital ID ensures visitors of the site’s authenticity and allows the session with the client to be encrypted”. It is essentially “third party evidence” that customers seeking and receiving data are who the server understands them to be, and vice versa.

Secure Sign-On Tips

Every customer must maintain a combination of Login ID and password. As a new online banking user, you will be assigned a temporary password by the bank. Upon the first login to ANB’s Online Banking system, you will be prompted to set a new password.

Suggestions for Passwords

Your Login ID and password provide security against unauthorized entry and access to your accounts.

With our Online Banking system, if there are 5 or more incorrect attempts to log into a customer's account, our system will automatically lock the customer's access to online banking. If you are locked out from Online Banking, you will need to call the bank to unlock your account.

If you forgot your password, click the Forgot Password link and answer the security questions to reset your password.

General Guidelines

Here are some precautions you can take to safeguard your personal information:

Customer Security and Protections