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Got Goals? We’ve Got Money!

Home Equity Loans

With rates as low as:


A 5-year Term Loan with two existing or open ANB Bank qualifying accounts.


A 5-year Term Loan with no ANB Bank qualifying accounts.

Longer terms & lines of credit available.

UUp to 75% loan-to-value for a 1st lien on your primary or secondary residence with a minimum loan amount of $2,500. Fees like appraisal fee, government filing fees, title insurance, and other third party fees apply; a lender fee of $100 applies. With ANB qualifying accounts (either existing or open specific ANB accounts or products) your Annual Percentage Rate (APR) for a 5-year term loan would be 4.09%. A sample payment for a $10,000 loan would require 60 monthly payments of $182.50. Without ANB qualifying accounts your 5-year term loan would have an APR of 4.34% with a sample payment for a $10,000 loan of 60 monthly payments of $183.63. Sample payments do not include property taxes or property insurance and would increase your monthly payment amount. Property insurance is required. Credit qualification is required.

Rates as of May 2, 2014 - Limited Time Offer **Fees and higher APR may apply. - Member FDIC - Equal Housing Lender